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Prices, and where to get our publications

Trade distributor

Natalie Crawford (ABN 58706594459) is the distributor of all Cape to Cape publications. Please contact Natalie for trade pricing.

Mob: 0417 993 921
e-Mail: ncrawford29@icloud.com

Buying our publications

Good bookshops throughout Western Australia stock our publications. If your favourite bookshop does not stock a title that you want then please ask them to order it in.

What to do if you cannot get a publication from your favourite bookshop

Mail your order to:

Cape to Cape Publishing
PO Box 1337
Margaret River WA 6285

or email your order to Jane Scott at janescott@westnet.com.au.

Payment by bank transfer information: BSB: 086 798; a/c number 478064230; a/c name: Cape to Cape Publishing; Bank: NAB, Margaret River. Please quote your name as reference. SWIFT code: NATAAU3306P.

Include in your order:

Mail order pricing

Title and Author
Price A$
Wildflowers and Wetland Plants of the Margaret River 978-0-9924851-7-7
Catch of the Day - A Fisher’s Logbook 978-0-9803337-5-6
Find that Flower - Scott: Third edition 978-0-9924851-8-4
Greeting cards (each) - including envelope (minimum order = 4) not applicable
Orchids of Margaret River - Scott 978-0-9924851-2-2
Shells of the Southwest Poster not applicable
South West Wildflowers Birthday Book 978-0-9577729-5-3
The Cape to Cape Track Guidebook: Ninth Edition 978-0-9924851-9-1
The Magical World of Fungi 978-0-9924851-0-8
Walking Around in Circles - Scott and Negus: Fourth edition 978-0-646-94336-7
Wildflowers of SW Australia - Scott and Negus 978-0-9803337-7-0
Stories From the Cellar Door - Scott and Negus 978-0-9924851-1-5


Postage and packaging costs

Please enquire about the cost of packaging and posting. We do not insure mailed items unless you specifically ask for, and pay for, such insurance.

Last updated on Sunday, 27 December, 2020

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