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Catch of the Day –

A Fisher's Logbook

Watercolours by Patricia Negus

Fish 2 cover


218 x 300 mm. 28pp.
Published in Paperback: ISBN 978-0-9803337-5-6

The idea for this book came from fishing friends who urged Patricia Negus to paint the wonderful and varied array of beautiful fish that are ‘out there’ in the waters of our far southwestern corner of Australia; so of course, she did so in meticulous detail in watercolour.

Also on these pages are some of the other delightful marine creatures that caught Patricia’s eye, such as crabs and shells, as well as the trout and marron of inland southwest waters; far too tasty, and too much a part of southwest fishing culture to be left out.

Most of the paintings are from fresh specimens that were either caught, or washed up on beaches. Patricia had to paint these at once while keeping them cool on ice, as their colours would often fade rapidly.

The book’s landscape format shows the paintings to best effect, while giving adequate space for ‘jottings’. Each double page of the logbook covers a month. This wholly West Australian produced book contains:

Illustrator Patricia Negus was born and educated in England, obtaining an Honours degree in Biology and Diploma of Education from Reading University. She worked as a Biology teacher for several years, before becoming a full-time artist in 1976. Patricia has exhibited widely in the southwest of Western Australia, winning many awards. She has a particular love of nature, and an eye for detail.


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