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Updates and Corrections

If you find a mistake in any of our publications, and the mistake is not listed here as a correction, then please let our Manager know.

Note that despite our best efforts there may still be changes and mistakes that we are not aware of, so never rely on our publications for your safety and wellbeing.

The updates and corrections are in the form of Adobe Acrobat files. You need at least Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 9 to view, print, and save these files.

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Wildflowers and Wetland Plants of the Margaret River and its Hinterland

Throughout: correct understory to understorey.

p.4 The top caption should read Margaret River, Not Margaret Rover.

p.28 caption to Karri, line 11: should read '…colour palette of…'; not palate.

p.37 caption to Zamia, line 5: the female is on the left, male on the right.

p.42 caption to Couch Honeypot, line 9: should read '…surrounding each flower head.'

p.48 the ending of the caption to Scaevola should read: '… was named after the Scaevola, a Roman who is said to have burnt off his own hand.

p.54 Caladenia infundibularis is the Funnel-tipped, not Funnel-web Spider Orchid.

p.73 in the Grevillea brachystylis caption: should read '…similar to G. bronweniae that…'; not bronwenae.

p.74 caption to Petrophile diversifolia line 9: should read '…pink with style tips that protrude…'; not the stamens.

p.90 caption to Lechenaultia bioloba, line 11: should read '…due to Robert Brown deliberately spelling the name of…'.

p.101 caption to Hakea falcata, line 3: should read '…put on a beautiful spring show.'

p.106 caption to Boronia spathulata, line 3: should read 'It has terminal cymes…'.

p.116 caption to Xyris laxiflora first sentence: should read 'In the Xyridaceae family there is this one genus with over 250 species worldwide, with about 20 recognised in Australia.

p.118 caption to Anarthria gracilis, last line: should read '…coast to Cape Le Grand.'; not Grande.

Walking Round in Circles – Editions 1 and 2

The fully updated and enlarged Third Edition now supersedes these editions.

Walking Round in Circles – Third edition

p.22 Near the top, in the text change both instances of "Shelly Cove" to "Shelley Cove". Also correct the instance in the top caption.

p.47 Garry and Frances Garside put in a great effort to clear the overgrown track from Ellen Brook Road, near the Ellensbrook Gravesite, up to the Gracetown Ridge Walk. Print this pdf and paste it over the map.

p.94 Change the distances for the Jarrahdene Circuit to "Main Circuit – Distance: 9.23 km", and "Shorter Circuit – Distance: 4.13 km".

Wildflowers of Southwest Australia

Print this pdf to produce replacements for most of the the following items below, as well as updated pages 212 – 213, Recent changes in the nomenclature.

p.2 Change the URL for Updates and corrections to http://capetocapepublishing.com.au/. Print the pdf to replace the redundant QR code.

p.12 Change Veld Grass to Veldtgrass.

p.20 Change Meeboldina scariosa to Leptocarpus scariousus. Change the origin of Leptocarpus to Gr. leptos = thin, slender + karpos = fruit

p.74 Change Petrophile serruriae to P. axillaris, and change the epithet origin to L. axilla = arm-pit; growing from the axil, the angle between the upper surface of a leaf or leaf-stalk and the stem on which it grows.

p.78 Change Sarcocornia blackiana to Salicornia blackiana. Change the origin of Salicornia to L. sal = salt + cornu = a horn; the branches are horn-shaped and taste of salt.

p.118 Change Pelargonium australe subsp. drummondii ms to P. drummondii, and change the epithet origin to After James Drummond (1784–1863), who accompanied Captain Stirling to WA on the Parmelia in 1829 and, although never officially appointed or paid, was Western Australia’s first Government Horticulturist.

p.134 Change Astartea sp. Scott River to A. onycis, and change the epithet origin to Gr. όνυξ (ónyx) = claw = the claw-shaped horn on each sepal. This species has the most prominently horned sepals in the genus. Change Astartea laricifolia to A. pulchella, and change the epithet origin to L. pulchella = beautiful

p.150 Change Lasiopetalum floribundum to L. occidentale, and change the epithet origin to L. occidēns = west; growing in the west

p.160 Change Leucopogon elatior to L. glabellus, and change the epithet origin to L. glabellus = without hair

p.162 Change Lysinema ciliatum to L. pentapetalum, and change the epithet origin to L. penta = five, the five petals

p.164 Change Hemigenia rigida to Hemigenia pritzelii, also deleting the endangered triangle. Change the origin of the epithet to "After Georg August Pritzel, 19th century German botanical writer"

p.182 Change Stylidium calcaratum to S. androsaceum and change the epithet origin to "After the genus Androsace"

p.192 Change Ozothamnus cordatus to Pithocarpa cordata, Ozothamnus ramosus to Pithocarpa ramosa, and change the section heading from "Ozothamnus" to "Pithocarpa". The description of Pithocarpa is Gr. píthos = a wine jar + karpós = fruited; refers to the shape of the achene (a dry, one-seeded fruit).

p.20 Change Bartsia trixago to Bellardia trixago.

p.202 Change Emex australis to Rumex hypogaeus.

p.207 Change Lysinema ciliatum, in the Banksia woodland caption, to L. pentapetalum.

p.210 With the name change of the Department of Conservation and Land Management (CALM) / Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) to Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW), the URL in the last item in the Bibliography should read "http://florabase.dpaw.wa.gov.au/"

p.214 Change the url for the downloadable spreadsheet or wordprocessor plant file to http://capetocapepublishing.com.au/WFSW3/Plants.txt

If you are still unsure about identifying a particular wildflower, then check it at: FloraBase <http://florabase.dpaw.wa.gov.au/search/advanced

Field Guide to the Wildflowers of Australia’s South West – First and Second edition

Wildflowers of Southwest Australia, ISBN 978-0-9803337-7-0 supersedes the First and Second editions of Field Guide to the Wildflowers of Australia’s South West.

Find that Flower – First Edition

Find that Flower – Second Edition supersedes the First edition. The second edition fully updates, and adds to all of the information in the first edition.

Find that Flower – Second Edition

p.2 Change the URL for Updates and corrections to http://capetocapepublishing.com.au/. Print this pdf and use it to replace the redundant QR code.

p.30 Logania serpyllifolia – now Orianthera serpyllifolia

p.33 Helichrysum macranthum – now Xerochrysum macranthum

p.35 Tribonanthes australis. This has a common name: Southern Tiurndin

p.37 Stylidium androsaceum and St. schoenoides – family Stylidiaceae (typo)

p.58 Sarcocornia blackiana – now Salicornia blackiana

p.59 Hypoxis occidentalis – now Pauridia occidentalis

p.60 Diuris sp. Dunsborough – now D. jonesii

p.69 Astroloma sp. Nannup – now Styphelia sp. Nannup

p.82 Boronia anceps – now Boronia sp. Leeuwin

p.85 Calandrinia liniflora – family now Montiaceae

p.87 Stylidium fasciculatum and St. hesperium – family Stylidiaceae (typo)

p.94 Stylidium amoenum – family Stylidiaceae (typo)

p.101 Chamaescilla corymbosa – family now Xanthorrhoeaceae

The Cape to Cape Track Guidebook: First seven Editions

The fully revised and updated Eighth Edition supersedes all previous editions.

The Cape to Cape Track Guidebook: Eighth Edition

Beware, Google Maps and most digital guides show wrong alignments for several stretches of the Track and sidetracks. Carefully check against our maps before depending on Google Maps or digtal guide representations of the Track. If you need a digital map then download and use our .kml files, which we keep as current as possible.

To help with staging your walk download our pdf that contains a Calculator for Distances between the main landmarks of the Track. Note that this document is A3 size, but printable on A4 as a scaled-down version.

Download our two-page pdf that's a table of all vehicle access points along the Track.

P.7 All the new track markers are now in place.

p.9 Print this .pdf to update the Smartphones and mobile devices section.

p.42 First paragraph. The distance between the top of the wooden staircase and the 4WD track is 350 m, not 200 m

p.52 map 8. Please add the public toilet at Big Rock Carpark, south of Gracetown.

p.56 map 9. Please add the new public toilet at Ellensbrook Beach Carpark.

p.57 Under Access please add that there is a new public toilet at Ellensbrook Beach Carpark.

p.96 In late April 2019 a bushfire burnt out the area around the Track from Quarry Bay south to near the waterwheel. The waterwheel is unaffected. The Track alignment is fairly obvious and workers have replaced all Track markers that the fire destroyed.

The Magical World of Fungi – First edition

The enlarged and fully updated Second Edition supersedes this edition. The second edition has the current names of all of the many species that have received name changes in recent years.

The Magical World of Fungi - Updated and Enlarged Second Edition


p.2 Change the URL for Updates and corrections to http://capetocapepublishing.com.au/. Print this pdf and use it to replace the redundant QR code.

p.4 Near the bottom of this page change the URL for Cape to Cape Publishing to http://capetocapepublishing.com.au/.

p.22 The caption of the uppermost image should read "Bolete-eater Hypomyces chrysospermus infection…".

p.32 Plate G8 Jarrah-Marri forest

p.56 Russula clelandii

p.75 Fungal Groups, second paragraph: relationship

p.78 Remove the Index entry "Hypomyces crysospermus 22"

Back Cover: illustrates

Stories from the Cellar Door – First edition

The fully-updated Second Edition of Stories From the Cellar Door supersedes this edition.

Stories from the Cellar Door: second edition

p.2 Change both occurrences of the URL for Cape to Cape Publishing to http://capetocapepublishing.com.au/. Print this pdf and use it to replace the redundant QR code

p.4 Change the label for Flying Fish p40 to Snake + Herring p40, the label for Laurance p62 to Robert Oatley p62, and the label for Edwards p36 to Old Kent River p36

p.33 In the last paragraph fix the spelling of Streicker

p.36 Change all Edwards Wines references to Old Kent River

p.40 Change all Flying Fish Cove references to Snake + Herring

p.62 – 63 Change all Laurance Wines references to Robert Oatley

Change the last two paragraphs to:

After operating the winery for exactly 10 years, on September 27, 2016 Dianne Laurance sold the property to US entrepreneur Howard Milstein, who then leased it to NSW-based Robert Oatley Vineyards, who now run the cellar door and restaurant. Since 2006 Robert Oatley Wines have been processing Margaret River, Great Southern and Pemberton grapes at their Mudgee NSW winery.

In the early 1970s founder Robert "Bob" Oatley established Rosemount Estate in the Hunter Valley, NSW. Bob also was the inspiration behind the Hamilton Island resort on the Barrier Reef, and he enjoyed sailing his super-maxi yacht Wild Oats XI in events such as the annual Sydney-Hobart Race.

p.110 Change the URL for Downloads, Updates and Corrections to http://capetocapepublishing.com.au/. Change the contact details of Edwards Wines to:

Old Kent River
E-mail: cellardoor@oldkentriverwines.com.au
Website: www.oldkentriverwines.com.au/

p.111 Change the contact details of Flying Fish Cove to:

Snake + Herring
Address: 3763 Caves Road, Wilyabrup
Postal: PO Box 918, Dunsborough 6281
33° 46.23'S 115° 02.05'E
Tel:+61 4 0703 6142
E-mail: snake@snakeandherring.com.au
Website: snakeandherring.com.au/

Change the contact details of Laurance Wines to:

Robert Oatley
Address: 3478 Caves Road, Wilyabrup 6280
33° 44.75'S 115° 01.80'E
Tel:+61 8 9750 4000 Fax:+61 8 9750 4004
E-mail: cellardoormr@robertoatley.com.au
Website: www.robertoatley.com.au/margaret-river.html

South West Wildflowers Birthday Book

On the third-last page change "56 Lobelia alata, Angled Lobelia" to "56 Lobelia anceps, Angled Lobelia"

On the third-last page change "67 Pterostylis aff. nana, Snail Orchid" to "67 Pterostylis pyramidalis, Snail Orchid"

Orchids of Margaret River

p.2 Change both occurrences of the URL for Cape to Cape Publishing to http://capetocapepublishing.com.au/. Print this pdf and use it to replace the redundant QR code.

p.35 Caladenia sp. ‘Boranup’ is now Caladenia ambusta.

Click here to view a table of the all the orchids illustrated in this book. You can then copy and paste this table into your word processor or spreadsheet to sort and manipulate as you wish. The four colums are: Orchid name, Range of flowering period, Page number, and the Number of the Month in which flowering may start.

Last updated on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

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