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Patricia, Ray, and Jane

In May 1999 Ray Forma, Patricia Negus, and Jane Scott set up Cape to Cape Publishing to produce books about the SW of Western Australia.

On the left of the photo is Jane Scott. Jane has an honours degree in geography from University College London, and qualifications in teaching and librarianship. However, her passions are the South West, wildflowers and bushwalking. She arrived in Western Australia from England in 1973, and during 25 years of living and working in the Margaret River area Jane has developed a wide knowledge of the region.

On the right is Patricia Negus. During her early years in England Patricia obtained an honours degree in biology and diploma in education from Reading University. After settling in Western Australia she worked as a biology teacher for several years, before becoming a full-time artist in 1976. Patricia has exhibited widely in the South West of Western Australia. She has a particular love of nature, and an eye for detail.

In the middle is Ray Forma. Ray gained a degree in Geology from the University of Cape Town in South Africa before settling in Western Australia in 1970, obtaining a diploma in education, and taught science. During his teaching career he developed his publishing skills. The South West of Western Australia is his particular interest.

We are proud of the fact that we have always produced, printed, and bound our books in Western Australia. The one exception was the hardbound version of Wildflowers of Southwest Australia, which was bound in the Eastern States because there was no bindery with appropriate capacity in Western Australia.

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